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Finding Audrey Review

Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella

This is my very first Kinsella book. And all i have to say is, I honestly fell in love with this book right away. It is funny, romantic and cute at the same time! I fell in love with characters as well, you just can't resist having a cool friend like Linus! He is such a supportive person whenever it comes to helping Audrey with her mental problems. I know that this book is being dealt by a serious topic on mental illnesses but i still consider the fact that this book is enjoyable. Especially to some readers who are coping with these problems lately. However, i am still lacking some information about how Audrey got her anxiety disorder which is a bummer for me. But then again, Sophie Kinsella did an amazing job on bringing a serious topic to a very lighthearted way respectfully. 


Overall, this book is definitely one of my favorites and I can't wait for another YA book that is going to be written by Sophie Kinsella.